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Machine Control Systems
Tool-specific machine data is a hidden resource – put it to use with TDM!

Tool-specific data directly from the machine application has the potential to continuously and efficiently improve the planning and manufacturing process over the long-term.  The information from the magazine can be effectively used if the magazine is connected to a data feedback and evaluation control loop. We are consistently making the data usable for all areas with Tool Lifecycle Management. The resulting data is not the only data that is important. Tool data and NC programs are sent to the machines simultaneously with TDM. This enables production without losses due to machine downtime. We are working with experienced partners to realize our goal of standardized machine communication. Industrie 4.0 is becoming reality!


  • Transferring NC programs to the machin
    - Uploading and downloading NC programs, tool offsets and CAD data using the DNC system
    - TDM manages the production-ready NC programs and provides it to makes the machine control system available using the DNC system
    - This also includes the return of verified NC programs back to TDM
  • Magazine read-out using the Machine Control Connection (MCC)
    - The middleware acts as a transport layer between TDM and the machine control system, interpreting the data
    - The data is transferred from the machine and the tool magazine to TDM using the web service interface
    - In the opposite direction, tool data (such as the actual data from presetting) is also supplied from TDM to
    the machine along this route


Time savings
The fast and easy way to the right tool: every employee finds the exact tool he or she is looking for.

Intuitive operation
High acceptance thanks to strong performance and intuitive software operation.

Central database
Centrally defined tool data and production standards available everywhere.

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