TDM Fixture Management
TDM Fixture Management Software for Tool Data Management Software Product Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Shah Alam Services, Provider | SDMK Sdn Bhd
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TDM Fixture Management Module
Each order needs a proper fixture - TDM organizes them all and helps you choose the right one!

The TDM Fixture Management Module manages all fixtures independently with master data and bills of materials. The objective is to provide the correct fixture for the production order. This generates time savings and know how through the optimum selection of fixtures. The management system includes
detailed information and individual knowledge about the fixtures. In addition, data about the physical location in the crib is managed. Because production is not possible without the right fixture, the TDM Fixture Management Module provides all the options you need for managing fixtures.


  • Quickly retrieve stored fixtures
  • Description of the fixtures with master data, bills of materials, individual information and documents, inspection cycles, graphics, storage location information and supplier information
  • List of all workpieces required for assembling a fixture
  • Booking the fixtures relative to cost centers and workstations
  • Order-oriented planning of the production equipment: Add fixtures to a tool list, with tool assemblies, gauges and inspection equipment
  • Integrated display option with nine isometric views of the fixtures

Cost savings
Well-structured and systematic procurement of individual items for the fixtures.

Store knowledge
All in-house information about the fixtures can be stored.

Save time
Save time finding and installing fixtures, as all information can be stored in detail in TDM.

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