TDM Global Line
TDM Global Line Software for Tool Data Management Software Product Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Shah Alam Services, Provider | SDMK Sdn Bhd
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TDM Global Line
- the high-speed tool management system for every location

TDM Global Line was specifically developed according to the requirements of manufacturing companies with several production locations. This software module is the logical extension of your TDM application. For national and international use via your company network, the tool data from the central TDM database can be retrieved online from every production location and used by them. This way, your production standards are applied at all workplaces worldwide. Our software developers have developed TDM Global Line according to the features of "Performance" and "Simplicity".

  • Access and use of centrally-stored tool data for any international location
  • Strong global performance thanks to highly-compressed data transmission
  • "Google" tools - the new tool search combs through the entire TDM application for the search terms entered
  • Search results organized according to the software levels for item, tool assembly and tool list
  • Flexible software screens with the TDM widgets: Information such as master data or feeds and speeds can be placed flexibly on the screen by using the mouse
  • Easy data input thanks to the new data validation: TDM Global Line makes you aware of incorrect en-tries and forgotten mandatory fields


Optimized processes
Lower tooling costs and greater standardization thanks to centrally defined tool standards.

Easy software operation
High level of acceptance thanks to strong performance and intuitive software operation.

Central database
Centrally defined tool data and manufacturing standards are available at any location with just a click.

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