Performance Analysis
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The smart factory needs a stable network of interlocked modules. All performance-monitoring modules within the FORCAM FORCETM product suite complement each other to the extend of forming one central reporting hub.

The module Performance Analysis contains three sub-modules:
  • Reporting
  • Visualization
  • Alerting.
These three sub-modules together constitute a powerful tool for performance analysis. Reporting lets you monitor all performance data in-depth over time, whereas visualization gives you a fast overview of what is happening where. Alerting automatically informs you about incidents on the shop floor and allows for corrective action in real time. Alternatively, the system simply generates an automated management summary at the specified time, for instance every morning.



  • Full transparency in shop floor performance for optimization
  • Machine and plant performance exact to the second
  • Drill-down to all criteria: Work place, order, material, and personnel
  • Workplace specific OEE reporting in real-time
  • Comparison of operating states and cumulated error hit lists
  • User administration to limit or expand access rights for user groups


  • Graphical presentation of machine status
  • Flexibly configure user interface per Drag & Drop
  • Easy customization of charts and dashboards
  • Import hall plans and blueprints as chart background
  • Worldwide access via web to all user group authorized data views


  • Cross-plant notification following predefined events
  • Automated alerts on any web based device platform (Email, text message, etc.)
  • Variable definition of events (errors, downtime, lapse in OEE, etc.)  
  • Templates for specific reactions
  • Synchronized timeservers
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