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TDM Data and Graphic Generator 68,000 digital manufacturer tools available at a click!

A software system is only as good as its data. That's why high-quality tool data and graphics are indis-pensable for the efficient use of TDM-software. The TDM Data and Graphic Generator (T3D) is a huge pool of data and graphics from over 68,000 tool items from a wide variety of manufacturers. The software is a generation tool and creates a complete tool data record with just a few clicks, including 2D graphics and 3D models. It is exceptionally well suited for populating a database and for enhancing tool data by adding true-to-detail 3D models for simulation and collision monitoring.


  • Select the tool by tool type, manufacturer or by tool order number
  • Create a tool data record, the 3D model and the 2D drawing - with one click
  • Create the data record and the graphics in the TDM database and automatically assign them to the TDM Class and Group Structure (requirement: you are using the TDM Class and Group Structure)
  • Modifying predefined parameters: Creating semistandard tools and tools from other manufacturers
  • The graphics are output in various formats and can be used by many common NC programming and simulation systems:
    - 3D solid models are output in the StepAP 201, SAT, STL, TLS and VRML formats
    - 2D graphics are output in DXF format
  • A total of over 68,000 tools have been packed for you into the following modules:
  • Module "Rotating tools"
    Includes a multitude of standard drilling and milling tools, among others from the manufacturers SANDVIK Coromant and Walter, as well as standard adaptors and other holders , center drills, boring tools, reamers, tapping tools, drills with morse taper shaft, solid round tools, as well as designers for end mills and step drills.
  • Module "Standing tools"
    Includes turning tools according to the ISO and CAPTO standards, standard adaptors and holders from SANDVIK Coromant and Walter, grooving tools including U-inserts, cutting inserts and clamps, as well as thread turning tools.

  • Time savings
    Time savings of approx. 90% for generating a data record with 2D and 3D graphics compared to conventional processes.
  • Optimized processes
    Create simulation-compatible 3D graphics in NC-compatible formats.
  • Highly flexible
    Parameters are changeable, which enables the creation of semi-standard tools or tools from other manufacturers.
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